Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I miss you so much. I had to take a cat nap I was tired. I should have known you knew I’d look for you, I wouldn’t have gone in any of the 3 spots you knew I’d look, unless I saw your truck, I’m not into creating unnecessary waves to innocent by standards, they’d need a lifejacket. Plus, I don’t even know If you really work at any of the clinics anyway, sounds like you work from home… and hiding from meeeeeee…..

I did do 3 laps around new circle. It is one thing I wont choose to control... why? Not to hurt or annoy you. Because it is the only way I can show you how much I love you with the resources I have. Even if they aren’t mine *cough. I know you are in the middle of new circle... or edge…somewhere and Ill always let you know I am spreading my love around you like a ring of fire or water fall. You think you have to protect me but all I want to do is protect you… not from “danger”, but your heart.. unless there is “danger” and I have to stop a car with one leg that’s about to hit you… but you really cant walk anywhere here… I need a car! Or someone trying to hit on you… and Ill hit them in the face.

Anyway…to SHOW YOU I’ll never let anything happen to you and your heart when I am around. I couldn’t in Atlanta
A. because I didn’t know YOU were around.
B. I had no resource’s but my job.
C. I wouldn’t have been there if I had known….

Cupid was basically laying on the dash board all flamboyantly, looking at his nails, tapping his foot on the windshield……

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