Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I remember sitting on the edge of a wooden brown chair facing the crowded streets outside my favorite cafe on a bright sunny day, phrasing the truth about the past two years of my life word by word. I would fold my short tanned legs underneath me, unfold them, then cross them, then fold them up on the hard wood chair trying desperately to make myself feel more comfortable. The rays of sunlight shining in through the large glass windows in front of me made my olive skin glow, and tips of my naturally jet-black hair glimmer with various shades of brown. Nothing about my inside was glowing though. “They just want you to be happy”, Tom reminded me when he saw that I had stopped typing and blanked out with fear. He looked at me with soft green eyes and I knew he was right, he is always right. He sat back effortlessly in the chair next to me, sunglasses perked on his dusky brown hair, and turned his attention back to book in his hand, “The Start Up Nation”. Typing away on my 11 inch MacBook air, I continued recalling details of our relationship into one long email. When I looked up from my screen after finally clicking send, the sun had already set and calmness of the night sky filled the empty streets in front of me. That night I went to sleep praying to god, praying for my parents’ blessing and for good luck because tomorrow was also the start of my IB exams.

“Hea we can’t let her go by herself. We are already welcoming Tom in to our home but we can’t let our daughter go off…

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