Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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On August 2nd, 2007, I remember it was a glorious sunny day; the rays from the sun shined through the perfectly shaped clouds and the slight breeze was just enough to keep me cool. The drive home was peacefully. Just watching the trees sway and the dirt flying behind the car as my dad accelerated and Kaitlin (my autistic sister) laughed with her music. He was driving faster than he normally did but I didn’t put much thought into it because I was so happy to see my aunt’s beige little Toyota parked in our massive driveway. I ran excitedly into the house to get ready for a cool swim. Until, I walked into my dreary room. It was as if something sinister took a hold of it, I trembled when I saw her standing in the middle of all this darkness; crying. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. Alex tried to speak but her mouth couldn’t catch up with the words she was trying so hard to spit out. Her tears fell into a puddle around her. Everyone had disappeared and I couldn’t remember where they were. So, I stood in that gloomy room with her; trying to relieve her from this sorrow she was feeling, but when she did it felt like an eternity had passed by. She stared at my confused face with fear and guilt; she juggled around with her words trying to figure how to say what she was thinking. Alex finally looked into my eyes, “Grandpa died.” she said quickly yet quietly. My heart broke and fell to the ground with the rest of my body, in that instance, a flash of memories played like a movie in my…

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