Descriptive Essay On White Castle

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Appearance wise, white castle looks to be from medieval times. In any area where white castle is located it will never fail to clash with the modernistic design of buildings around it. One design in particular would be stone stacked upon stone, each one about as white as snow. Sometimes the design may give you a false sense of elegance, but the bland white and blue colors that resemble an inverted picture brings you back to reality. Typically the walls, which are tightly packed together, keep the interior of the building at a relatively cold temperature. This sensation, in turn makes the warm feeling you receive from the food far more superior. Upon entering this foreign time piece the aroma of fries, burgers, and even soft drinks all accumulate …show more content…
White castle like any restaurant chain will have their cons. The most reoccurring worriment, when eating at white castle would be the lack of nutrition in their food. In one cheese burger slider it holds about (140) calories and in one small French fry it holds (330) calories. In one combo meal, which consists of four original sliders, small fries, and a small soft drink, you will potentially be consuming (910) calories. Now no wonder people leave white castle with stomach problems. The hamburgers and fries are overtly greasy. The burgers (sliders) are small and meant to be eaten by the multiples, but sometimes we cannot even do that. The pros on the other hand are simplistic things, for example not only is white castle open 24/7, but it is inexpensive to the fact. The burgers are unique in size. Although they may be small, they are big in taste. It is easy to buy a filling meal for under …show more content…
These prices relatively stay the same state to state, but when ordering from white castle if you order a burger, small fry and a small drink your total should come out to be $4.88 where as if you ordered the same thing from shake shack your total would be $10.39. A major difference in price. Although they differ in price and menu variety they match in a family oriented aroma. When it comes to family oriented I mean they both are not too childish that adults feel out of place and not to adult like that children feel confined. Standing alone these are both excellent restaurants, but everything can use some improvement. In white castle they could really try to improve upon their nutrition and cut back on the calories. In shake shack they could try to reduce their prices and work upon their customer

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