Club Nightingale Case Study

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xClub Nightingale

Club Nightingale was the most elite and private club and casino in New York City. There were whispers about what went on in the club. How they only hired the most beautiful servers, hosts and bartenders, so that must mean all the people that worked there were doing a lot more than just their jobs. In some cases it was true but in most cases, there was no need to be an escort. It was the best place to work in NYC. The place was a revolving door for business men and just wealthy elite. There were a few newcomers every now and then but for the most part, the members of the club were family. They had their favorite server and bartender and they tipped very well.

Gia started working there when she turned twenty-one. She knew
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She walked around and made sure the guests were happy. She did a little bit of everything really. From filling an empty glass to laying out a hand for poker. What the clients wanted, she provided. The manager felt like she had the right touch to make all of the patrons comfortable and the patrons didn’t give a damn what she did as long as she kept talking and didn’t move too far away from them. Every so often a man would win a huge some of money and manager would ask her to keep a special eye on him.The house couldn’t lose too much in one night, it just wasn’t good …show more content…
“Alright we have $39,755 dollars here for you take home.” She told him and put it all in a manilla envelope. “Before we give this to you, am going to have to do a quick check. It’s a procedure every patron goes through to make sure they aren’t taking anything a little extra home.” She shrugged her shoulders and walked from out side of the cash booth to him. She started to rub his body down. It was much more intimate than the ones he recieved before by the security team. She took he time to rub his muscles and make him feel like a man. Her best weapon against these guys was the fact their wives weren’t interested in sex anymore. Throw a young woman like herself at them and couldn’t control themselves. She bent her knees so she could rub her legs and she looked up into his eyes as she came back up. “Is there anything else I can get for you?” She asked suggestively with a small

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