Descriptive Essay On Balinese Sunshine

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Top 10 Spots to Enjoy Balinese Sunshine
There is one common reason why people flock to Bali on a regular basis: the sun. This tropical island offers one of the best summer experiences in the world and they all involve warmth of Balinese sunshine. Although during dry season from May to October is the best time to visit Bali, rainy season may still offer some sunny days for us to enjoy. That is one of the perks of tropical weather.

Having been around Bali for years, I found some perfect spots to enjoy the luxurious sun in Bali from sunrise to sunset. And these ten places cover not just the popular sunset beaches, but all you can explore from north to south. So, enjoy this list, prepare your itinerary, and get ready to
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Uluwatu Cliff
This may not be the most popular spot to enjoy Balinese sunshine, but this is my ultimate favorite. The mix of extravagant Kecak Dance, beautiful [Uluwatu temple]( in the background, and glorious sun setting in the horizon in front of you is just wonderful. This is also by far my favorite spot to watch the Balinese traditional dance. The main reason is the show starts at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, a perfect timing to coincide with the sunset around 6:30 pm. Tickets are available at Uluwatu Temple's main entrance at 100,000 IDR (around 7 USD) per person.

2. Seminyak Beach
This shore is the most popular spot in Bali for obvious reasons: accessibility and abundant options. Seminyak is in Kuta area which is just a few minutes away from the airport and it is easy to find. Plus, there are many beach bars and cafes you can choose.

It is great to watch the sunset here for its wide shore and slope. The horizon is right there in front of you no matter where you choose to sit. So, pick your bean bag, grab a cold bottle of beer, and enjoy the majestic view of Balinese
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In spite of that, Canggu beaches are less crowded than another popular tourism area, Kuta.

Some parts of those beaches are filled with resorts and cafes with infinity pools. It is such a great experience to lay down on a sun bed next to an infinity pool by the beach watching sunset in front of you. I had the experience at Vue Beach Club of LV8 Resort. It is accessible for free to all hotel guests. If you're not a guest, you can still have access to this facility with a minimum 250,000 IDR (approximately 17.5 USD) order of food and drinks per two-seated sun bed.

7. Campuhan Hill, Ubud
Going to the beach is not the only option to enjoy Balinese sunshine. Ubud offers this beauty on higher ground like Campuhan Hill. This is a popular trekking destination that is not as challenging as Mount Batur's trekking. However, equipping yourself with proper footwear and packing enough water to drink are still highly recommended.

Located in the center part of the island, this spot is good for both sunrise and sunset. Also known as *Bukit Cinta* or Love Hill, Campuhan Hill is great for a long romantic walk with your loved one under the sunshine.

8. Jimbaran

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