Descriptive Essay : My Sweet Dog Katie

1097 Words Mar 4th, 2015 null Page
From the moment we are born we interact with many different people and things that have influence over our lives. Most people are not much different from a fallen leaf that blows down the street in front of you: they reside in your presence for only a brief snapshot in time. The encounters are without meaning or consequence. Fortunately many of us have dearly loved people and companions in our lives that are too special to let them go. My sweet dog Katie was just such a creature. In many ways she was like that fallen leaf, overlooked and stepped on by many I am sure. When I first saw her, I never imagined her as a fallen leaf. She was different. She was young seedling that had been tossed away to wither. I am so thankful that I did not overlook the opportunity to have her in my life. When I picked her up for the first time, I knew that with some tender loving care she would grow into a bountiful fruit tree giving more nourishment for my essence than I was worthy of. During our fifteen years together, Katie did grow. She blossomed and eventually provided fruit to feed my heart with plenty left over to share with others. Through her I learned a higher level of nurturing, compassion and what it really means to honor life.

Katie had been on her own for months before I found her at a local animal shelter in northern California. Her beautiful root beer brown eyes pleaded with me to adopt her. Listening to her eyes made no sense, but it was one of the brightest things I have ever…

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