Descriptive Essay : My Outdoor Oasis

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Every year when summer and fall come around, Wisconsin campgrounds fill with families for annual trips, reunions, or spring-of-the-moment getaways. Preparation can be a huge hassle, packing the car to the brim, leaving just enough space for passengers, the dog, and a little bit of breathing room. When I attempt to make everything fit, it’s kind of like playing an exhausting game of Tetris, but it’s all worth it for that tranquil, beautiful, and unforgettable time I am yet to have. Upon arrival to my outdoor oasis, I step out of the car to stretch my legs and as I take in everything in front of me, I think to myself “perfect”, and that’s exactly what it is.
As the sun starts sinking beneath the tree line, the reflection off the water is blinding, but so enchanting that I can’t turn my head away. The water sparkles and almost glistens with the stunning display of yellows, oranges, and pinky-reds in combination with the puffy clouds. It is almost like paradise or being in a place of pure tranquility and serenity that is only like a place I would see in fantasy or a dream. After the sun has completely descended, the moon makes its appearance along with the twinkling stars and they set the sky aglow. The constellations almost seem to come alive as I gaze up into the heavens and sink back into my chair around the campfire.
In the night, it tends to get briskly frigid and not that I don’t appreciate the chill of the nippy, crisp air, but the warmth of a campfire scares away the…

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