Descriptive Essay - My Eyes Opened And All I Saw Was Black

832 Words Apr 20th, 2016 4 Pages
My eyes opened and all I saw was black. There was no light to be seen. All I heard was a strong rhythmic knocking noise that echoed in the room. It was the clearest memory that I would never forget. This was the night where I found my dorm mate and best friend, Isaac, having a seizure. Watching his 5’8 body shake uncontrollably against the bedroom wall was frightening. I had never seen a seizure, and the only knowledge came from my lifeguard manual. The aspect of knowing someone so personally put things into perspective. Initially, it was mentally chaotic for me, but I was able to collect myself and aid him to the best of my abilities by maintaining his airway and his pulse. Although he still had a heart beat, my anxiety was mounting. My thoughts were weaving in and out with thoughts and ideas. “ What else can I do?” At that moment, I felt powerless. I was powerless. My worries eased as he slowly recovered back to his normal self, but it would not be his last. Subsequently, I would discover that he was epileptic and he had clandestinely kept this to himself for the longest time. Three more years would pass after that traumatic night, grateful I was able to be there for my best friend in his time of need. But as I walked into the hospital and into the room where I was led, I opened my eyes once more, but this time there were only bright lights and Isaac, motionless and breathless on the gurney. He had experienced another seizure, but this time, there was no one there to…

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