Descriptive Essay : ' Hello Dakota '

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I wish I could say I was in the presence of amicability. Surrounded by the bustling sound of mirthful laughter and jovial smiles as though I was in a crowded tavern full of knights and bandits putting aside their radical differences to a night of ale and companionship, however, the truth is far less festive. I was alone, at lunch, in high school, just like every other day. It’s not that I necessarily wasn’t popular (however my unkempt hairstyle might beg to differ), it’s simply I preferred the serenity of solitude. However today my isolation, quite unceremoniously, was halted when one of the staff members at the school approached me with a stack of papers, quickly stapled together, in her hand.
“Hello Dakota. How are you doing today?” She says as she sits down. A feigned smile ungracefully drawn on her face, the cheerfulness of her words not matching their monotone delivery.
I instantly assume the worse. I ponder over every possible reason why she could be bothering me. Am I in trouble? Have I done anything recently that could get me into trouble? If so, is there enough evidence to prove that I’m the one who did it? In the midst of my speculation, she hands me the stack of disorganized papers. The top of the first paper reads, “AED Video Competition Grant”. My thoughts pause for a moment in confusion, mainly due to the fact that I have no idea what an AED is and why anyone would hold a competition for it.
“There’s a competition going on right now at schools nationwide.…

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