Descriptive Essay : ' Hamza City '

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Hamza City Overview (Paragraph 1.)
Futuristic City. Our wonderful city is located in the scenic region of Hawaii where the beautiful weather and amazing sunsets are. The climate in our city includes a nice sunny region, which is from the volcanoes and oceanic surrounding, and a nice mountainous region which is Mauna Kea. What makes the climate favorable is that our climate is always sunny but with controlled weather, nice ocean view, also in favor of those mountain climbers who want a vacation but not really with mauna kea. What makes the geography favorable in our city is that it is located in a Island where the beautiful weather is and a amazing Tropical seasons. And lots of tourists so lots of fun. Overall our city’s climate and geographical location is nice, warm/hot, beautiful beaches, lots of sunshine, and lots of tourism. Some innovations in our city is we have lots of wind turbines to provide electricity for our city. And we have a rainwater collector which filters out the rain water and provides fresh water for the city.
Hamza Features and Innovations (Paragraph 2.) Our city has many innovations and features such as only wind turbines for electricity. Fresh produced water from collected from rain which we then filter and turn into fresh water for throughout the city. Some of the major features in our city is for transportation we have Hyperloop which is a fast traveling tube it travels at approximately 375 mph for the city. It is like our way of a…

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