Descriptive Essay: Dowson's Ice Cream Bedroom

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The thought of revelling into an indulgently rich and silky smooth dessert entree of delectable, scrumptious, and irresistible flavors of french vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and rocky road is the most satisfying flavors your taste buds can ever ask for. While I write this essay describing this delicately soft serving food; I can already picture the server, placing each scoop of milky goodness onto a beautifully crafted white circular ceramic bowl. Now, after reminiscing back on that enjoyable moment, I can honestly say that this dessert is truly a delicacy within itself. However, this mouthwatering contraption most definitely needs to be topped off with the sweet smelling aroma of freshly ripe and yellow, peeled fruit placed along the sides; while …show more content…
The urge to resist is so powerful and no human strength can deny the urge to follow the scent of a blissful frozen delight. The thought of it sitting on top of a counter at an ice cream parlor waiting to be eaten by someone who will appreciate and enjoy all that it has to offer is so exhilarating. Each scent that it gives off resembles the smell of freshly baked cake from Publix. For example, the time I went to Jaxson’s Ice cream parlor, I was instantly punched by the smell of fresh bananas, roasted peanuts, french vanilla ice cream, and various others. Some were stronger than the others. Yet, the scent that each flavor gives off is a kick and a punch to your sense of smell. A unforgettable scent that will live with you until you die.
All in all, I chose this specific food as my favorite dessert delicacy because it gives me a sense of comfort, warmth, and satisfaction. Nothing in this world would better suit and fulfill my needs of making me feel good about myself. Nevertheless, it makes it easier for myself to open up and become the person I want to become in life. Without a doubt in my mind, my food of choice brings the best out of me and I very much appreciate it.

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