Descriptive Essay : ' Envious Compliment '

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Don 't waste too much time wishing, hoping, and being envious; it 'll make you bugnutty. – Penn Jillette The envious compliment is when one tells another individual that they wish they could be like them or dress like them. I have a friend who is constantly telling me things such as, “I wish I owned your closet – I wish I could pull off that look like you – I wish I was your weight.” These statements are considered compliments in the world, but why? They are individuals wishing to be somebody they are not, and probably will never be. Some may get weirded out by people telling them things like this. Most individuals do not tell me things like this except one in particular, whom I am used to doing. I tend to think about comments such as these about others, but never have the guts to say them. I never know how one will act if I compliment them in an envious way of wanting to be them, so I shy away from using these. Instead, I go with a simple “too-frequent” compliment. I hear groups of friends always using these compliments of envy to one another, but they are all so close that they can joke around about it. The envious compliment can come with negatives or positives, but constantly envying another person is not always a good thing to do. Envying on another can be natural for some, but it is a sign of weakness and low confidence.
WRONG TRAIT COMPLIMENT The best of us must sometimes eat our words. – J.K. Rowling The wrong trait compliment can easily be…

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