Descriptive Essay : ' Burger King '

2080 Words Jun 29th, 2016 9 Pages
As we grow older, as we ripen in the sunlight of Time, certain feelings, senses, or objects lose their importance, they lose their capacity to place us in awe. I remember as a child, I remember the state of euphoria I would find myself thrown into as I heard my mother: “You guys can get Burger King tonight.” Burger King, along with other unethically delicious food-companies, was the forbidden treasure; and all forbidden pleasures, ephemeral or not, become a source of euphoria upon their entrance into accessibility. But the more accessible they become, the less obscure they turn out to be, the less exciting they are. In a world where mountains are made of gold, Men murder over granite.
As human beings we have this tendency to constantly strive for more. Ambition we call it. Greed we call it. It pushes us to create, to grow, while it holds us down, pointing a finger: “What you have is not enough”. More, more, more, more money, better jobs, more love, more Time. An antithesis it is, this antithesis that we are. But as children we remain acorns, the trees we are to become exist in a future, the world is too big, we are too small, we haven’t yet reached the point where nothing is enough because we barely yet have anything at all.
I had one dream, one ambition, one infinite sandbox to grow in as I burned through my early years: Lego Sets. Is that ridiculous? Tell me that’s ridiculous. In my mind it’s not, it’s human, it’s “childish”, as the infinity of my world dwelled on my…

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