Storm Descriptive Writing

We walked towards our destination with excitement in our. We were surrounded by trees and other park visitors. I heard the sounds of the other visitors, laughing after having been on a rollercoaster, screaming of the ones going down a rollercoaster. I could smell the sweet candy and the salty french fries beckoning me to spend my money. I can feel the water drops of the impending rain storm hit my head. We got to our destination and put our supplies in a locker for safekeeping. Putting my phone in the locker was hard, but I didn’t need a phone for where I was going. We walked a little farther, my mom wore a Universal Studios official trench coat. It was made out of blue plastic, which she hated but was willing to wear because she hates being …show more content…
Then the boat turned a corner, and that 's when I saw the first dinosaur. It had an orange like color and a neck as tall as a basketball player. It lowered its head towards the boat looking at us. It made a loud moaning sound, it sounded like a bear gargling water. The boat floated past the dinosaur, I looked back watching the giant fade into the trees. Ahead there were tiny dinosaurs alongside the river. They were not much bigger than my shoe. We then went through a dark cave, which shielded us from the rain for a while. I turned to look at my brother hoping to see a big smile on his face to reflect mine, but instead I saw a look of amazement and wonder. I started to feel rain drops again as we exited the cave. The rain hit the water making loud tapping sound, like when you drop uncooked rice on the kitchen floor. I then feel a jet of water hit my shoulder, like I was it by a powerful water gun. I turned to see another dinosaur shooting water at the boat. Its head and neck stuck out of the water, it also had a large crest on his head that looked like the moon half full. As we passed the water spitting dinosaur I heard in the distance a less friendly sound. I heard a faint snarling and screeching like a bird mixed with a snake. I could hear the screams of another boat full of people. I felt a large, wonderful grin come over my face, I knew what was coming next, because its my favorite part of the ride. The Velociraptors, my favorite dinosaur of all time. As we enter the area I could hear the low breathing of the raptors and see the yellow eye from inside the trees, the branches moved as though something darted through them, the leaves rustled. Then a large cage/crate hung above us with a raptor

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