Creative Writing: A Beautiful Girl

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I studied the girl sitting in the grass next to me. Her fingers brushed lightly over the dewy grass; the movement was so gentle that I almost attributed it to the light breeze blowing through the trees far above. The fluttering of the leaves caused the shadows on the forest floor, spawned by the faint sunlight of the approaching dawn, to dance serenely. The sky was dotted with streaks of pink and purple as the sun began to rise above the horizon. I watched the girl, whose name I had only recently learned to be Cira, slowly run her finger over a small white flower. She drew her finger away and sighed quietly. She must’ve sensed me watching her, as her beautiful eyes flitted up to meet mine. Her eyes were dark green with prominent, sparkling …show more content…
A smile spread on my face without my realization - I was always happy when I was with Cira, no matter what had happened before my meeting with her. Cira smiled back at me - a smile so sweet and pure it could only be an angel’s. I couldn’t help but admire her, as everything about her was perfect; her olive skin dotted with beauty marks and freckles, her light-brown, waist-length hair that suited her perfectly, and her billowy yellow top paired with a short white skirt. I loved being with Cira, but I couldn’t help but feel bad when I thought about her looks. Cira was gorgeous, while I was average, if anything. My choppy, chin-length black hair with my white tank top and high waisted black shorts almost made me look revolting next to …show more content…
I fidgeted with the hem of my tank top nervously, again looking away from Cira. I stayed like this for several minutes; Cira stayed quiet, patiently waiting. Finally, I spoke up, my eyes still at my lap. “Cira, why do you hang around with me? I’m not anything special, like... I’m not particularly funny or anything like that. Why don’t you spend time with other people instead of me?” I was too anxious to look at Cira, but I knew she must be frowning. I didn’t know how she would respond, but suddenly I didn’t want to know. I wanted to curl up in a ball and never speak again. I regretted saying anything. “Why would I want to spend time with other people when I have you, Eli? You’re plenty of fun, and you’re super funny. You always make me really happy when we meet up!” Her voice was strong and sincere; she was telling the truth, for sure. I blushed out of nervousness, my eyes still at the ground. I eventually willed myself to look up at Cira, tears in my eyes. “Thank you,” I murmured brokenly. Cira reached out, wrapped her arms around me, and held on tightly. I wrapped my arms around her, clutching her shirt for comfort as she told me that everything would be okay. I believed

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