Descriptive Essay About Puerto Rican Relatives

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Winter boots, hats, sandals, tans, and the fact there is no school are the things to revel on during my winter vacation. Today winter wonderland, tomorrow sunny paradise. I can’t wait to share the conversations I have reserved for them, although transmitting the message to them is not the easiest thing do, due my poor Spanish. Speaking broken Spanish to my parents is perfectly fine, but speaking it to my Puerto Rican relatives is a whole different story. Their vocabulary and pronunciation is so distinct to mine. Hand gestures were key components to use in order for them to understand me. This used to be frustrating, to the point that I would rather bypass the conversation. I was not always this excited. In fact, when I went to Puerto Rico with my family for the first time, I was mostly scared then excited. When I got there I was shyer than usual. Let’s put it this way: I was traveling by plane for the first time, never been on a tropical island before, and was going to meet strangers for the first time worrying if they would like me or not, this was a lot for a twelve year old. How you feel? Nervous I assume. It was like landing on an alien planet and getting to know Martians that spoke a different language. Since, I was not a big fan of change, these were reasons enough to feel out of my comfort zone.
The family house, three times bigger than mine, was no ordinary house composed of two parents with one or two kids. Four of my father’s brothers, three of his sisters and my…

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