Descriptive Essay About Music

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Turning around and focusing on the crowd, I slipped on my headphones again, and blocked out every single thought that tried to worm its way in my head. I practically lost myself as I really did give these ponies a time of their life: I cranked up the volume and bass, though not to distorted levels, and improvised a sick remix to go with the track that was playing; and it worked out to say the least. There wasn’t any thought of her at all, only doing what I do best: Being a DJ.

Rocking the it all to smithereens, I gave one final, slow beat when the song ended, and, during it, dimmed the spotlights to make it completely dark, only to dim them back up again. That’s when everypony clapped and cheered, even whistling at me for the grand performance. I stood up on
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How’ve you been?”

“Doing just fine. What’s it to you?”

Swirly got up off the ground and flew to me. When she landed, she said, “Look, I know you hate me, and I totally get that, I do, it’s just—”

“Can you blame me? You ended what we had, Swirly. We were together for almost six bucking years, and you were willing to throw that out the window? And for what? Some lame excuse that would be best for me to chase my dreams lone?” My chest panted heavily, and my teeth were scrunched up, even grinding themselves.

“You were going to be some distance away. Can you blame me if I didn’t want to go on with us?”

“It’s not about how far away you are from the pony you love, it’s about how close you are to the pony you love.”

“I didn’t know it would be like that,” Swirly said, her voice soft, and putting a hoof on me, only to have it shoved off. “I said I was sorry.”

“Yeah, well ‘sorry’ ain’t gonna cut it.”

“Are you so different? You walked out on me, and I haven’t seen you since then. If anything, you should blame yourself.”

I slammed a hoof against the stage. “You know, you better watch out, because you’re starting to sound real smart.” My tone was furious, and anger flooded my entire

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