Descriptive Essay About Disney Pixar Cars

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California, home to beach surfers, sun lovers, Disneyland, and most importantly my home. Life was great in California! Trips to the beach with my beautiful mother Ana, and handsome father Salvador, were my favorite. I love the feeling of my toes curling into the hot sand, the smell of my dad’s scrumptious burgers, and the breeze of the waves. I was seven when my parents divorced and the trips soon came to an abrupt stop. The trips to the beach were no longer a short sunny trip, instead it was a long one-way cold trip to Nevada. It was a memorable trip that split into two individual roads for the sake of my own happiness and my parent’s. I still wonder what it would be like if we all traveled along the same road.
When I was younger gifts made me extremely happy. It was the month of September 2003 when mother was planning a huge birthday party for me. The theme was Disney Pixar Cars. Family and friends spread across our yard the day of my birthday. Mothers gossiping, fathers drinking beer, and kids running for their dear life’s as they played the tag game made me happy. It was my birthday, I had to be happy. But what made me even happier were the gifts on the cake table! We ate, we laughed, we cut the cake, and at last it was time for my presents! Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson, and Chick Hicks! I couldn’t believe the toy cars I received. My eyes watered as if an onion was being cut next to my pupils from the happiness. Oh, wait! Now that I remember, my aunt was…

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