Narrative Essay On Becca's Life

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As the applause began to thunder, they stood up hand-in-hand and took a bow. Becca’s smile was soon radiating throughout the audience. Caleb was the first person on his feet clapping with such fervor that he inspired the entire audience into a standing ovation. Becca was half blind from the bright lights shining in her face, but from where Caleb stood she could see him clearly.
Her heart was so full in that moment; she could have stayed right there and been completely happy for the rest of her life. She had danced better than ever before. Her loving family was there to support her, and that of course included Ashley. Caleb, the person who unknowingly owned her heart, was there standing up for her. Today was perfect, and tomorrow would be here too soon.
After the ballet ended, the dancers gathered backstage to congratulate one another on their performances. Becca, along with Sarah Roberts who played Clara, received a beautiful bouquet from Miss Claudine. Becca was overwhelmed by her teacher’s sincere congratulations. Beaming with pride, she thanked everyone for their kind words.
The dancers began to make their way toward the dressing room. Anxious to change out of their costumes and collect their belongings, everyone had friends and family waiting in the lobby.
In the dressing room, Becca hurried into
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Becca left her belongings against the wall and scanned the area for her family. On her tippy toes, looking over the crowd, she was side-swiped by somebody big and obviously very strong. Spinning high in the air, clinched below the waist, between two arms of steel, she began to laugh when she realized who her unidentified assailant was. It was Liam, her dance partner, who was undoubtedly now famous throughout the Plymouth arts community for playing the handsome Cavalier. He spun her around one more time before safely returning her to the ground. “You were fantastic! We did it!” he

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