Katy Perry Research Paper

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“Katherine Elizabeth Hudson!” Mrs. Hudson yells, “You need to get out of your room, stop singing to your wall, and bring that voice to a recording studio.”
“But no one is going to listen to me anyway. I am just a 17 year old girl. People are not going to give me a chance.”
“Well, if you do not leave this house in a few weeks to pursue a music career, I am going to make you.”
Katy Perry, a seventeen year old, average girl with an extraordinary voice leaves her family and home to do exactly what her mom said, “pursue a music career.” Katy began her singing career with her parents in their church at the age of nine. From the start, her voice was amazing. When she left her house, she started with a trips to Nashville, Tennessee to record a gospel
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That idea is perfect. Couldn’t of been better timing.” Zach says excitedly. “Your next album could be all about this boy Robby.”
Katy smirked and was right along with his idea. Her first song to build this album was called “Teenage Dream”. This song was her biggest hit, therefore, she ended up naming the album after it. Her album was a total of twelve songs. These twelve songs destroyed the billboard top 100 hits.
“Katy, this album is doing amazing. 192,000 copies were bought in its first week of being released. Three million copies were bought in all of the United States. Furthermore, it is so viral that 1.3 million copies were sold in the United Kingdom. Most importantly, this album earned you seven Grammy award nominations.” Zach says as he runs in circles around the room in excitement.
“I don’t even know how to respond. This is amazing. I went from only 100 views to over 6 million copies sold worldwide. I can not wait for the Grammys.” Katy says.
Days past and Katy was on her way for the biggest moment of her life, the Grammys. It was packed. There were so many other stars there that Katy had always looked up to. Plenty of rewards had been announced na dKaty was patiently waiting for the award she got nominated
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This next award is the Album of the Year.” Jimmy Kimmel announces. “The finalists are Katy Perry, Kesha, Taylor Swift, and Usher. You all have two minutes to vote on the finalist.”
These were the longest two minutes of Katy’s life. So many things were going through her head that she did not hear who was announcing the winner. That is when she heard a weird, but familiar

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