Descriptive Data For Systolic Blood Pressure Essay

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Question Three
Descriptive data
The following is a discussion of the descriptive data for the variables systolic blood pressure , diastiloc blood pressure, gender and nationtonal insitute of health hypertension category used to decribe the sample. Within this sample of 50 particpants, the average systolic blood pressure obtained was 135.88. This average takes into consideration all scores obtained within this sample population (Loiselle et al., 2011). If the scores were rearrange from the lowest score obtained which was a minimum of 90 to the maximum score obtained which was 220, the midpoint in the distribution of systolic blood pressure that divides the scores in half was 134 (Loiselle et al., 2011). The scale of systolic blood pressure was of 0 to 220 with a value of 0 reading the absense of systolic blood pressure. The most frequently occuring systolic blood pressure recorded was 118. Lastly, the sample has an average deviation of values for systolic blood pressure from the sample mean of 135.88 to be 25.97 (rounded to two decimal points) (Loiselle et al., 2011). There is a wide range of scores within the variable systolic blood pressure with a range of 110 a minimum score of 90 and a maximum score of 200 as reported in table 1.3. The wide variation of scores in systolic blood pressure is more heterogeneous (Loiselle et al., 2011). The variable diastolic blood pressure has an average score of obtained of 87.58 measured on a scale of 0 to 220. The sample of 50…

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