Descriptive Autumn Essay

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There are some people who enjoy summer by basking in the warmth of the sun, going on family vacations, swimming in cool lakes, and having barbeques with friends. Others prefer seeing flora blooming and fauna reemerge during the spring. Then there are a few people that look forward to the winter snow, decorating for holidays, and snuggling by an open fire sipping on hot cocoa. I, however, prefer autumn.
Ever since I could attend school, I looked forward to when I finally got new school supplies. I enjoy matching my notebooks, pens, and highlighters to each of my classes. When grading homework in class I like using hot pink in English, ocean blue in algebra, and algae green in civilization. Each year I am excited when I get a new
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Now that I have a home of my own, I love to decorate for Halloween. I hang fake cobwebs from my ceilings, place orange and black candles on my tables, and fill my jars with candy corn. I also enjoy carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns with sharp-toothed lopsided smiles. Afterwards, I would wash the slimy goop off the seeds, add spices, and bake them for a nice toasted treat.
Another holiday I enjoy during the fall is Thanksgiving. The smell of roasted turkey, brown sugar-cured ham, and cornbread dressing emanate from the kitchen and waft throughout the house. The sounds of my family fill the house. The wives can be found in the kitchen cooking and chattering like hens about the events of the past year. In the living room, the men can be found watching football, bellowing like cavemen as they root their team on and grunting in disdain if their team fumbles the ball. Children are running in and out of the house, stealing samples of food when no one is looking, and then running back outside to play more. When everyone has sat down to eat, the grandparents tell stories about when they were younger and the children can see their parents were once troublemakers too. After dinner, we gather outside for a nice bonfire, where we enjoy hot cinnamon-spiced apple cider before the hay ride. When it is my group’s turn to ride, I like to make a small nest in the hay and gaze up at the glittering stars while the sound of my family’s

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