Descriptive And Indirect Functional Assessment Essay

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Setting Three: Community and School

Third Meeting: Descriptive and Indirect Functional Assessment

Oscar was observed on September 7th, 2016. The B.A.T. clinical team met Oscar and his mother at Target.

The clinical team meet Oscar inside Target near the registers. Ms. Moran had Oscar in the front part of the cart and buckled him in. Ms. Moran mentioned that Oscar was sick with a head cold over the weekend, Oscar’s nose was running and mom added that he was out of character. Ms. Moran further explained that Oscar was more calm than usual and typically tries to grab items off shelfs and throw them down or in the cart. The clinical team greeted both mom and Oscar. Oscar made cooing sounds in the cart and looked at all various people and items in the store, this behavior was consistent throughout the assessment. Ms. Moran suggested the toy section, there in the toy section Ms. Moran showed Oscar various toys to see which one he liked. Oscar reached out to gently grab a lot of sensory toys from his mother. Toys such as spiked balls and ball-like toy that made noises kept Oscar’s attention for a period of one to three minutes. After leaving the toy section, Oscar reached for some crackers mom had, she said “No”, Oscar then began to fwale his arms and then he scratched his mom. Ms. Moran blocked Oscar and told him “No.”

After some time had passed Oscar began to wiggle in the cart seat and start to lick the side of the cart and he mouth the cart seat belt. The clinical…

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