Essay on Description Of The Executive Dashboard

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In modern business, analysts should focus their concern on how to illustrate data to higher management. Data should be presented easily and flawlessly to aid executive read and absorb. Thence, after monitoring and collecting huge amount of data over days or months, analysts would have difficulties to represent data as is. Higher management would have no time to go over many records to analyze the collected data. Thus, analysts should utilize an executive dashboard that shows data as figures and charts that aid higher management to understand the collected data, and then be able to identify woes that affect performance. The dashboard should be tailored as per key performance indicators that specified and recognized by higher management.
The Executive Dashboard
The executive dashboard is a geographic user interface that represents data as chart and figures (Hill, 2014). The executive dashboard is connected to the business system that the company utilizes to retrieve data (Lavinsky, 2013). The dashboard illustrates figures and charts based upon retrieved real-time data that reflects the current performance in accordance with key performance indicators (Hill, 2014). Further, the executive dashboard provides an instant view of the company position regarding its performance. The executive dashboard should hold important and key information that concerns higher management. Moreover, analysts can grant access to certain internal stakeholders, such as programmers and…

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