Description Of Intern Activities At The Brevard Zoo Essays

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Description of Intern Activities
The internship is being completed at the Brevard Zoo. Prior to the internship, the student was already an employee of the facility. The internship combines both the student’s previous experience as an employee and new experiences as an intern. The main focus is on animal training, behavior, and learning. The activities are centered on both the human and animal interactions in the education department. The human aspects of the internship is related to the hosting and teaching of educational programs for children of varying ages. The intern is also responsible for managing staff and volunteers in the children discovery area at the facility. The internship activities strive to encompass all aspects of working in a zoological park.
Relationship of Internship to Career
The relationship of my internship experience to my major, concentration, and post-graduation career plans have been near perfect thus far. The internship experience has provided me with further knowledge about animal training and behavior that I have learned outside of my original employment position at the facility. The wide range of duties I am responsible for fits amazingly with my major of psychology. I have managerial positions in which I am responsible for the conduct of staff and volunteers. The information I have learned about psychology in an academia setting has been helpful in an applied setting when working with both people and animals. The experiences I have with…

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