Describe Your Planning Process : My Own And Other Cultures Express Cultural Beliefs And Practices

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Describe your planning process. How did you develop your ideas? Please cite research and/or theory that supports your instructional decision making.
I originally wanted my students to write and present a self-written story to demonstrate their understanding of “Benchmark SS.1.6.1 - Describe ways in which your own and other cultures express cultural beliefs and practices through stories and/or legends.” However, I later realized that asking first graders to write a story and present it, all in one day, would be a massive task. Even if students managed to do it, there would be a lot of stress involved.
The second idea I chose was for students to write the story, then present it next class. Again, this idea presented a problem. If students did not finish in class, they would be forced to finish it at home. Students may not be able to write their stories without support. Therefore, either their parents would need to help them or they would fail. Additionally, students who work in pairs would need to coordinate a way to collaborate. I realized my second idea was also asking too much of.
I remembered that, in the ESEE classes, we have discussed the value of using graphic organizers. There are various ones that would be able to help student organize their ideas. I settled on using Story Maps. There are studies on the effectiveness of graphic organizers, which supported my idea. According to the National Reading Panel, graphic organizers aid in the construction of meaning, the…

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