Descartes 's Views On The Existence Of God Essay examples

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Rene Descartes the father of modern philosophy, a philosopher known to believe things to be true until it was proven otherwise. In these meditations Descartes had complex opinions. In the case of Descartes in meditations a greater individual than him existed. Descartes’ claim insisted with the existence of the idea of God to the real existence of God. To support his argumentative opinions, Descartes points two distinct arguments that were utilized by “Augustine in the fourth century and Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth century” (Shouler). They consisted in the casual and ontological argument. The casual argument was introduced by Descartes in the third meditation. Descartes begun with the argument of a perfect being; this being was the cause of perfection. In this dispute, Descartes was highly sure that neither himself nor his parents were the reason of perfection otherwise he would be perfect but, yet he was imperfect. This argumentative point was used by “Augustine during Neo-Platonic reason” (Shouler). Even though at that time, Augustine was unclear that a perfect being existed. What made Descartes believed God exists is the idea of imperfection and perfection he possessed. In his third meditation, Descartes presents the argument of ideas so as to provide evidence that God really did existed. Descartes argued that he was not capable of producing such an idea and therefore someone greater than him is responsible for the idea. These arguments by Descartes were brought…

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