Descartes 's Theory Of Philosophy Essays

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Philosophy has come a long way since it began. Rene Descartes was the principal father of philosophy. He was the perfect representative for the new scientific spirit. He had strong beliefs that there was a God that existed and he wanted to prove everyone wrong with his axioms. Alongside of this axioms he also went ahead explained his arguments for universal doubt through his book of Meditations. There was many people that disagreed with his view and they argued it with science, but he still presented enough information to argue why something that is doubted is able to exist. I experienced a great upgrade and opportunity is education growing up. I believe it was an act from the all-knowing and all-powerful since there is not a scientific explanation that I believe could argue with that situation.
Descartes’ bigger beliefs was that if you were able to doubt something is because it existed. Descartes described that human knowledge was like a tree; trunk was physics and roots were metaphysics. Descartes used three types of axioms to support his thoughts and beliefs. He claimed his axioms to be undoubtable. One of his axioms that was ethical was “I exist”, there was also the physical axiom coming from natural philosophy “I am thinking ‘things’”, and lastly the metaphysics axiom of “God exists.” Descartes said that people that don’t understand or belief in God, do not fully understand the concept of God. Along with his axioms, Descartes was really interested in math. He would…

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