Essay about Descartes 's Mind Body Dualism

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Descartes has many arguments for mind body dualism one being that when a piece of the body is separated he knows for sure that his mind is still fully intact and has not been separated and supports this notion differentiating parts of the mind willing, conceiving and perceiving are unexpended and indivisible. And extend corporeal objects are divisible and unthinking. This example is used to separate them by category, one element is metaphysical and the other is tangible and has matter.

Descartes describes the connection of the mind to the brain not to the body. That a small part of the brain receives a signal from the nervous system to the part of the brain which he calls the viz and say this where the mind and the brain meet. From here the mind will think of something that is most useful to the survival and wellbeing at the time particular time.

From this you can concur that it is our nature to receive signals to help preserve our corporeal selves. But Descartes describes an instance of phantom pains where the nervous system my travel and trigger our brain to trigger our mind of pain we have in an extended member that is no longer physically there. Descartes says, “It remains to be considered why the goodness of god does not prevent the nature of man from being fallious.” If we define god as omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent then the above scientific example Descartes gave would disprove gods’ existence, for we would have to modify the definition.

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