Descartes ' Past Educational And Travel Experiences Essay

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Despite all of Descartes’ past educational and travel experiences, he decides he must first study himself and his soul to start over. Descartes decides that he needs to discard all of his current positions, even if they may be right, because he did not trust what he was taught and what others and society taught and thought was the truth. Descartes explained how he discarded his current positions and started fresh, “…I learned not to believe anything too firmly of which I had been persuaded only by example and custom; and thus I little by little freed from myself from many errors that can darken our natural light and render us less able to listen to reason” (Descartes 6). Descartes, first, had to reason out what he believes as true to free himself from making mistakes that may lead him to making faulty conclusions. He realized that each individual person’s perceptions were a result of not taking into account the same things, which effects how an individual may perceive something. Descartes explained why there is such a wide variety of opinions, “…and that the diversity of our opinions does not arise from the fact that some people are more reasonable than others, but solely from the fact that we lead our thoughts along different paths and do not take the same things into consideration” (1). The reason why there is such a wide range of opinions is because people taking different things into consideration when forming an opinion, view and belief. Traveling and education was also…

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