Clinical Depression In Teenagers

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Today, Clinical Depression is a major issue for both adolescents and adults. Yet, this being true most people have no idea exactly what it is and how it affects the body, both physically and emotionally. It is a brain disorder which can be characterized by a person being in a depressed mood almost all of the time and that person may have significant impairment in their normal life. Some people may just say,”stop being so sad all the time” but getting rid of this disorder is not that easy. It is a disease that may or may not remain with the host their whole life 's. It is an epidemic that is plaguing the human race, that is not cured easily at all.
Background Information and Facts
According to the Institute of Mental Health, 19
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This is even worse for women, which their chances for having Depression is twice as likely as men. Even with all of these teens with this disorder, The number of cases for Depression is on the rise. According to the article,” Depression Rising Among Teens, Especially Girls” by Alan Mozes, the author exclaimed that ,”...(2005)pegged at 4.5 percent, and 13 percent for teenage girls…(2014) boys’ risk of depression rose to 6 percent, but for girls it soared to more than 17 percent, the survey found.” Depression is still on the rise with adolescents and it cannot be stopped until people release it is a major threat to people …show more content…
Conflict may not be as damaging as abuse is, but conflict can come from nowhere and can happen suddenly. Finally, the most likely to devastate the most out of all the causes is probably the loss of a loved one. Just like conflict, it can happen suddenly, but the immediate lose with no warning, or even with warning, can have a devastating on the human. Losing a loved one can leave someone with a “hole in their heart,” so to say that is can bring on an immediate case of Clinical Depression. With all of these occurring so often in an average person’s life, it is easy to see why so many cases of Depression.
Some other causes of Depression are certain medications and genetics. Even though both of these things are less likely to causes Clinical Depression, they both have been known to cause Depression. Medicines, such as isotretinoin( used to treat acne), can increase your risk of Depression. They can do this by altering brain chemicals in some way increase the emotions of sadness and anger. Not as likely, but genetics can play a role on if you have Depression. If your family has a history of Depression then you are very like to contract it too.

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