Essay about Depression And Its Effects On Society

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Depression is a mental health illness that involves the body, mind, and thoughts and affects the way a person goes about their day to day life. It includes being extremely sad and having lessened interest in activities, excessive weight loss or gain, and even thoughts of death. Depression is defined as: a clinical syndrome of at least five symptoms clustered together for at least 2 weeks causing impairment in functioning. There are mood symptoms, cognitive symptoms, and physical symptoms. These range from loss of interests to thoughts of death or suicide, difficulty making decisions, and a lack of energy or changes in sleep and appetite. In the U.S. during any 2 week period, 5.4% of Americans experience some kind of depression. That means that 1 in 20 people ages 12 and older experience depression at some point in their lives. This health issue needs to be addressed because it’s so prevalent in America. It affects a huge number of people and is a major cause of suicide in the United States. Depression affects many different aspects of people’s lives. It causes problems in people’s ability to maintain relationships and just function normally. About 80% of people with depression have difficulty in functioning with their depressive symptoms. People who live in poverty have a much higher chance of being depressed. Because there are a significant number of people living in poverty in the United States, this is an issue that needs to be prevented. If less people were living in…

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