Department Of Corrections Diversity Implementation Essay

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Department of Corrections Diversity Implementation
Implementation of a valid strategic vision enables an organization to excel is their primary mission. Applying a vision that is especially well versed in State, Federal, and Global initiatives that are mandated or enacted to standardize hiring practices of employees is beneficial. The globally accepted efforts to promote race, gender, and age diversity with positive aspects of recruitment, development, and retention is practical, ethical, and innovative. Even though skeptics may argue these initiatives are counterproductive to the gains than may be possible, the legally protected classes deserve the opportunity. Addressing issues of employment, specifically the race, age, and gender issues of organizational employment is the most ethical and legally responsible employment practice. Moreover, a successful and positive diversity program must incorporate two federal recognized programs.
The Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) and Affirmative Action Programs (AAP), are the federal programs that widen the employment opportunities of the protected classes (Bielby, 2000). Both programs address the need to minimize the archaic approach toward the classifications, labels, and bias attitudes of past managers. These programs are neither new nor drastic but their implementation incorporates three specific workforce changes. Adjusting the recruitment, development, and retention agendas to promote diversity may be the…

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