Rehabilitation Vs Rehabilitation In Prison

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Our correction systems are costing the U.S $50 billion annually(Beyond the Prison Bubble), and for what? This is something that needs to be addressed, as the methods used in our correctional facilities are simply inefficient. We seem to consistently restrain our prisoners and send them back to the general population just as they were before being detained. Therefore, I believe we should focus on rehabilitating our prisoners rather than consistently punishing them to release them with the skills and help they need to become contributing citizens again.

This has been an issue for quite some time now. It seems to be that our government utilizes the punishment system more compared to rehabilitation in our correctional facilities, but does it work?
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One common retribution argument is that we need to keep criminals off the streets. There seems to be a slight lack of logic here. The more our law enforcement system shovels in ex-prisoners right after they are released, the more we lose. Once an individual goes into prison, they are no longer a productive citizen. Funds are used to keep them fed and their living spaces secure from any dangerous materials. Once they are out of prison and learn nothing, they become an unproductive citizen on the streets. What does this lead to? Crime, of course. I may sound full of myself, but if a criminal does not know how to really get a job and fit back into society, they feel they have to resort to what they know how to do, and that is what got them sent to prison. Another retribution argument is that we have a bad ideology of constantly giving second chances, and thus, must punish more than help them and give them more slack than appropriate. I believe this statement is very ignorant. Why do I say very? Well, it is because the idea proposes that criminals are destined to do a crime again and there is no outer frame beyond just repetition. This assumes a narrow path where criminals just need to be punished and sent on their way. That is relative to sending a misbehaving child to the corner, not telling them what they did wrong and how to become a better individual, and sending them on their way. What does that do? It ensures that the …show more content…
It not only allows an ex-prisoner who has changed to live a normal life again, but it also allows us to have more operating citizens in the U.S, who contribute to the well being of communities and can function normally throughout life. It would also help financially, considering prison management expenses amount to $50 billion to house criminals that we shove back in our prisons after they are released. It will help society in the long run when we have more working individuals out of prisons where they are shuffled in and out on a yearly

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