Essay On Dental Phobia

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Oral health is an important aspect of life, and it directly affects the social, financial and mental health of everyone. The general public, especially in small countries like Guyana, tends to ignore the field of dentistry as an independent and important aspect of medicine despite the immense prevalence of oral diseases. Therefore, if the field of dentistry is shunned, it compromises the overall oral health of the general population and hence it increases their chances of having oral diseases.
Now in the twenty-first century, the highlight of dentistry focuses on restorative care. Prior to this era, the general public viewed dentistry otherwise; they saw the dentist’s office as the place for extractions. With this mindset, people only visited the dentist when there was a significant dental problem, which was resistant to home remedies. At that point when they established a need to visit a dentist, the chances of restorative care were low. So therefore, each dentist visit was associated with bad experiences due to trauma from more invasive procedures, eventually contributing to the high prevalence of dental phobia of the general public. Although time passed and people are visiting their dentists more frequently or as recommended, dental phobia is still affecting the general
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Usually, the situation that causes anxiety for that particular person is disproportional to the actual danger associated with it. People with Dental Phobia exhibit classic avoidance behavior and will do anything possible to avoid going to the dentist. These patients only visit the dentist when their dental condition has progressed to the extremes, and where intense pain is involved. Due to progression of the conditions, restorative treatment is frequently not an option, and instead, patients have to undergo more invasive

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