Dental Conformer Case Study Example

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Manuscript Title:An aesthetic nasal conformer – a case report
Corresponding author
GunjanSingh Aswal MDS
Assistant lecturer
Department of restorative dentistry
Libyan international medical university
Benghazi, Libya
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Mob no +91 9980744211

Second author
Dr Shashi Kiran Mohan Ram MDS
Senior lecturer
Department of oral medicine and radiology
Dayanadasagarcollege of dental sciences
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Third author
Dr Selvakumar MDS

Nasal contractures due to burns can cause collapse of the nasal aperture, leading to airway obstruction, correction of which requires surgical and prosthetic intervention. Prosthetically, a nasal conformer is the treatment of choice. Unfortunately
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An acrylic rod was made to measure the depth of the affected nostril. It was inserted into the patients nose without injuring the tissues and the depth was marked on the rod using an indelible pencil (fig 2). The rod was stabilized in the nose with small amount of putty vinyl siloxane material (affinis, Switzerland) which also recorded the contour of the nasal aperture.
2. The left nostril was stuffed with cotton pellet. Then putty vinyl polysiloxane material was mixed and spread over the nose as shown in the figure (fig3).
3. After the materialset, the impression was retrieved from the nose ensuring that the acrylic rod was not separated (fig4).The putty impression was then poured with dental stone to obtain a working cast over which the nasal conformer was fabricated.
4. A compressible nose stud was stabilized on the cast using sticky wax (fig 5). Separating medium was applied on the cast. A flowable mix of coloured acrylic( DPI cold cure, India) was placed into the interior surface of the nostril on the cast.
5. On setting, the acrylic was removed from the cast, trimmed, smoothened and polished. A hole was drilled through the conformer to maintain airway patency(fig6).
6. It was then tried by the patient (fig

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