Democracy In America Research Paper

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Democracy is fairly new to the modern world, and by modern world I 'm talking about post revolutionary war. Democracy first conceptualization was in ancient Athenes Greece, and after then democracy started to fall away. It wasn 't until the late seventeen hundreds did democracy start to come back into play; in the British American colonies. The United states is one of the first nations to become a full national democracy. The United States follow a creed, "a government of the people, by the people, and for the people". In todays world I don 't believe this to be all true. I think the are many flaws in todays democracy, and people do not tend to notice them. I don 't think that our democracy, in modern times, is very "healthy". There are a plenty …show more content…
We choose a person every four years to become leader of our country, but another fact the people always miss out on is the fact that our popular vote doesn 't always count. In the United States we have what is called an electoral college. This system of voting is completely flawed and has no use being part of our voting system. The electoral college is a very antedated system. The electoral college members are chosen because they have the understanding of what makes a good president. I completely disagree with why we have the electoral college. If this country truly is "by the people" then we should elect or leader by the people, and not by the senators of the electoral college. People will argue that it a hard thing to change from the electoral vote to a popular vote. I full heartily do not believe that it is that difficult to switch our system of voting. We have plenty of technology that could count fifteen million votes within seconds. It is always said that are vote "counts" I don 't really understand how it counts. When my vote is being determined by someone high in power. The problem I have with the electoral college is that the popular vote, which is by the people, isn 't really relevant. I think the popular vote should determine the winner of the election. Also it creates an unfair playing ground, California and New York have the most population out of any state. What would be the point of people voting in South Dakota if all the candidates go for states with the most

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