Democracy And Its Impact On The Nation Economically Before Democracy

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For a nation to possess a sufficient operating democracy, does the nation itself need to be modernized beforehand? For a state to be effectively governed by a democracy, the state must take major actions and follow the steps of modernizing and strongly developing the nation economically before democracy can function correctly. Although there are many different types of structural and voluntarist theories, the history of multiple countries, for example, El Salvador’s hardship in democratizing before modernizing, prove this plan of action of modernization before democratization to be the most rewarding and proper way to democratize, in other words run a nation by its citizens. To strive for a democracy, the knowledge and full understanding of democratization and the series of actions needed to reach it should be obtained. What exactly is a democracy? A democracy is a governmental system that is represented by the nation’s citizens that elect officials that act upon the people’s opinions shown through elections. Whereas the regime results as the leaders are accountable to citizens. The main goal of a democracy is to hold the involvement of living in a free country. For a democracy, it must meet the eight factors. These eight standards include a citizen to have the right to join and form organizations. The people of a democratized state also have the right to vote and freedom of expression to project individualism. The fourth factor of a perfect democracy is that any…

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