Arguments Against The Electoral College

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Protects against the tyranny of the majority, encourages coalition building and discourages voter fraud

The American Dream has always been about promoting the well-sought after ideals of democracy and the will of the people . The ability of our constitution to enamor our citizens with the right to vote truly displays the principles of individualism and the rule of law. For no nation may thrive unless its people let their opinions be heard. The Electoral College, a mechanism designed by the founders to elect the President presides as a debated issue. When popular votes and the electoral votes choose different candidates is when the Electoral college 's authenticity and correctness is brought into question. Yet, the encompassing role is
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The layman may argue that the majority 's voice is suppressed in favor of a diluted democracy. If a candidate running for president is able to win the electoral vote yet not win the popular vote, the validity of the Electoral system is questioned. When the majorities voice is suppressed in these situations, why not just trust the will of the majority? The over-encompassing issue is that in pure democracies, bare majorities undermine the principles of a nation by easily tyrannizing the minority. The media’s role in legitimizing the Electoral College is due to the polarizing effect of public opinion. People who identify with a particular party, may in fact be apart of various interest groups. Their ability to influence politics is tied fundamentally to the founder’s warning regarding factions. Madison in Federalist 10 mentioned that the creation of factions is “sewn in the nature of man”, insisting that it would be inevitable for special interests to arise and partition society. The influence of these groups would need to be controlled despite the fact that Madison had not predicted that they would not be powerful enough to dominate the government due to so many checks and balances implemented into the federal system. …show more content…
If every vote truly mattered in the sense that one vote could truly be the difference in obtaining a popular majority. Then, it would be easier for corrupt individuals to steal elections. One would simply just need to steal votes or change them anywhere in the country and therefore would be able to alter the result. However, because we have the electoral college and a vast number of swing states, it makes it more difficult to choose a state and try and change votes. With the current method of the Electoral College voter fraud in a strongly red state such as Texas would not have much of an effect as the state would remain a safely Republican state. However, in a pure democracy, stealing votes in a deep Red state would be able to alter the results. Stealing votes in any precinct in the nation would change the result of an election

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