Essay about Democracy And Its Impact On Democracy

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"The history of the idea of democracy is curious; the history of democracies is puzzling" (Held 2006, p.1). Democracy is not a simple idea that is easily agreeable due to the various views of its definition which can be: a form of government ruled by the people for the people. The concept of democracy is further complicated as the various countries that claim to be democratic, each have their own unique government and way of running it. For example, the United States of America is historically known for its democratic quality and yet is a federal republic. Then on the other side of the world, there is Japan which is also considered a democracy except its government is a constitutional monarchy. In order to evaluate the overall quality and effectiveness of democracy in these two countries, factors such as their political structure, control of corruption, and civil liberty will be explored. Firstly, the amount of time that a country has been considered a democracy does not necessarily mean it is more of a democracy over another younger democracy. In both the United States and Japan, politics is often a touchy subject when brought up to the citizens and especially voters of the country, The United States ' use of a codified constitution is based on the founding fathers fear of autocracy and tyranny; therefore it is formatted to allow the citizens the access to read and be aware of their rights and the function of the government. Governmental officials including the head of…

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