Essay on Democracy And Dictatorship : Philippines

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Mino Tupou
29 April 2016
A Period “Democracy to Dictatorship: Philippines” The nation of the Philippines has a history tied directly to colonial overseers. Spain and the United States both exerted control over the island nation for long periods of time in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Shortly after World War II, the Philippines gained its independence which set it on a course of political instability over the next 20 years. The two events that occurred in the Philippines that caused this new, stable democracy to politically shift into a dictatorship was the Hukbalahap Rebellion in 1954 and a declaration of martial law in 1972 by Ferdinand Marcos, which left the people of the Philippines abused, violated, and fearful. After receiving their full independence the Philippines organized a democracy in 1946 but there was opposition from the communist insurgency that eventually resulted into the Hukbalahap rebellion in 1954 (ABC-CLIO, "Philippines"). The Huk rebellion was a communist guerrilla movement formed by peasants, farmers, and landowners because they wanted a bigger voice and the protection and security from the government (ABC-CLIO, "Hukbalahap"). The president of the Philippines at the time Manuel Roxas was only in presidency from 1946-1948 and then the Philippines democratically elected Ferdinand Marcos in 1965 (ABC-CLIO, "Philippines"). Marcos was one of the Philippines war heroes in world war ii and was part of the…

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