Demism Theory Of Religion

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Religion is defines as the belief of a controlling power. A God. It states that our fate and fortune is attributed to a higher power, and that we have very little or no control over our own life. This is one of the main principles that brought the settlers in from Brittan known as the Puritans and Pilgrims. They believed that God brought them here and that Typology should be use to interpret his message. It didn’t take long for a new way of thinking to emerge. Deism doctrine states that there is a God. However, God has no control over our lives and it differs from religious believes by not following the Holly book or the idea of more than one God, does not have daily interactions with the world he created, and that redemption and the after life does not exist. Deism was the ideology of our founding fathers, the theory that God is uncaring and uninvolved. That he created the clock, wound up the clock and let it go.
A new way of thinking was dangerous during this period of time. When people like Giordano Bruno were executed for thinking differently. He stated that the earth was not the center of the universe. For using his God-given reason Bruno paid a heavy
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Imagine that you could not say “God, give me strength to deal with this fool.” Can you. Our founding fathers did. Deism is not a religion, but a way to use reason to understand and perceive the world around us. The concept of Deism is that God does not interact at all with our lives, and that he does not care what happens to us. This sounds harsh, and even gives you chills just to think this way. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Pain are a few of the great thinkers of an era of reason. Thinkers that refused to surrender their lives to a greater power, and instead use their intuition and reason to unveiled the way they were interpreting the world. Despite their lack of confidence in an after life they all did great for this

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