Delta Airlines, Inc. Essay

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Delta Airlines, Inc with HQ based in Atlanta, GA is one the first growing airline in aviation industry with strong financial performance for the last five years. The revenue has steady increase going from $31 million in 2010 to almost $41 million at the end of 2014. This shows a very aggressive financial growth in an industry with very stiff competition and higher operating costs but the increase could be credited to lower fuel prices.


Delta Airlines, Inc is one of the leading legacy mainline airlines in USA. Delta provides scheduled air transportation for passengers and cargo. It operates a fleet of 1,275 aircraft, comprising 743 mainline carriers and 532 regional carriers. The airline’s diversified network coverage—with hubs located in major airports of Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York, LaGuardia, Paris, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Tokyo—enable the company to serve 165 million customers each year to 322 destinations (97 international and 225 domestic) in 59 countries across the globe. Delta offers more than 4,900 daily flights.

Delta Air Lines, with a market share by passenger miles of 16.3%, is among the top six U.S. airlines, accounting for about 70% of the domestic market. Apart from legacy mainline carriers like Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, and U.S. Airways, low-cost carriers like Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue also have a significant share in the market. These low-cost carriers have…

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