Delanghe Case Study

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Competitive force – one can notice that Delanghe became superior in his filed of agriculture. This could be seen in various awards, which were obtained including Lifetime Achievement Award, Red Delicious apples, and Kent County Agricultural Fame. These awards prove that Delanghe’ product exceeded expectations of the buyers and turned to be more innovative that their competitors. In such business, where the product is demanded and the quantity supplied is high, the only way to be competitive is to keep the price low, therefore the farm has introduce some ways to cut the labor costs. Additionally, the farm started to grow more crops in the area so to maximize output. Subsequently, Delanghe have more apple trees and all of the produced products …show more content…
As the company downsizing the workforce, where some of them have commuted to the same job for a long time, the unemployment rate rises and damaged the economy of the whole country. People face the difficulties of finding the new job. Another issue arises within the program SAWP; it takes the valuable job opportunities from the locals and give it to the foreigners for a period of time. It affects the farm in the better way as their workers will be staying for 8 months, however, it is not the secure job for the employees as it gives them only temporary contract and lower wages. Societal perceptions can be different, some might think that the company uses he cheap force due to their ignorance of the laws in order to cut the wage and benefit expenses, and other might think that the company is unwilling to hire locals thus leading to the weak reputation. In terms of societal environment, the farm is facing some more difficulties. The most important one is the variety of choice due to the foreign supplies. If before, there were limited fruit brands and most of the were local, now it is plenty of them on the market and lots of them are bigger and better as a result of genetically-modified products. Nowadays, people are willing to stay healthy or to have diverse meal plan so it is getting harder to compete not only with other brand but also with the product’s substitutes. Some consumers prefer only organics so the farm grown products would benefit them, where others would go to the nearest grocery store and buy the cheapest unit from the fruit selection, especially if the variety of the low-cost products is huge, which supply was facilitated by the government permission for “Artic

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