'White Messiah Exposed In The Film District 9'

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In the film, “District 9,” there was a twist on the storyline, instead of a race being inherently inferior, the alien race in the movie is seen as second class to the whites. In Newitz’s article, she describes the plot as human’s oppressing and attempting to commit genocide against the alien race. The “White Messiah” is contaminated to alien fluid, which causes him to transform into one of the aliens against his will. Aliens are seen as inferior in this film because they eat cat food, adding an additional layer of humor to the plot. Because of Wikus’s new appearance, he becomes an outcast causing him to join sides with the aliens, hoping a cure may be found. This film did not receive as much recognition as other “White Messiah” films, one argument for this could be that white people “fantasy about ceasing to be white… but never giving losing white privilege” in the …show more content…
Also, is there a way to end this cycle or is racial bias inbreeded in who we are as people? Unfortunately, it appears that this form of racism where white people appear to be inherently superior based on the color of their skin. This attitude is leading to the Black Lives Matter campaign where blacks are uniting to fight for their rightful equality in society. The campaign began after law enforcement constantly abused their power, like the white societies did in the “White Messiah” films, by discriminating people by the color of their skin. Listening to the new stations, you can constantly hear about how blacks are being discriminated against by law enforcement. The next thing the new station states is the racial breakdown of the law enforcement in the area. It is rare to hear that the law enforcement is not predominately white. This leads to the final question, do we need a “White Messiah” to fight for what is rightfully theirs or can we take the matter into our own legal system and create a diverse law enforcement

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