Deforestation Is The Destruction Of Our Environment Essay

1432 Words May 8th, 2016 6 Pages
One of the biggest threats the world faces is the continuing destruction of our environment. Among the many ways that we as human destroy the environment deforestation by far has the most impact. Deforestation is a process by which forest are cleared in order to use the land for alternative purposes. Many may not think that losing a few trees will hurt anyone, however the fact of the matter is the impact effects all of us in a negative fashion. Trees are essential to life on earth. Trees provide us with oxygen, shelter for wildlife and play a major role in the carbon and water cycles, without them life as we now it could not exist. Trees exist for many reason, however their contribution to the carbon cycle is extremely important. The way nature recycles carbon is through all of earths elements. That includes the atmosphere, bodies of water, rocks, plants, and any living thing. According to an article on the Department of Environmental Conservation website they state that, “Plants have run the biological carbon cycle for 3 billion years in the ocean, and for the past 400 million years on land,” (How Plants). So you make ask what makes this cycle so important, well it is “the backbone of life on Earth” (Riebeek). Carbon is not a bad thing at a relatively reasonable amount however when we disturb the very things that control the about of carbon in the atmosphere then we alter the balance of life. Holli Riebeek stated in her article on the Earth Observatory website…

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