Deforestation And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

754 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Breaking in and entering, burglary, and theft is Illegal in today 's society; but why is it okay to do such things to nature to benefit an over populated species? Deforestation has affected nature for years and has become one of the leading causes for the increasing rate of animal species becoming endangered or extinct. Many people believe that deforestation is something that doesn’t have any negative impact on nature because it allows for the production of lumber to create houses and other necessities. What they don’t realize is that deforestation causes many other problems to the Earth that could affect people later on after the forests are gone. It also destroys the homes of many indigenous animals that live within their habitats. Although deforestation may seem like a good thing, it creates many more problems in nature and should have far more stricter regulations.

To begin, deforestation damages the environment by greatly affecting the atmosphere. Deforestation considerably contributes to the rise of global temperature by disrupting the chemical balance within the atmosphere. Within the soil and the plants that are destroyed by deforestation is stored up carbon dioxide. "Deforestation exerts a warming influence by (i) adding CO2 to the atmosphere"(source 1, paragraph 2). This warming influence effects people by increasing the global temperature and contributing to global warming which is becoming a threat to the human population. This also damages the O-Zone layer,…

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