Definition Of Theory And Theory Essay

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1. My Definition of Theory
My definition of theory is what will result if I decide to take a certain course of action. I usually base my theories on my knowledge and past experiences. Some people use theory purposefully every day and others do not know they are using it at all. I believe the purpose of theory is a way for people to find new ways to approach situations and obtain answers to particular questions. Overall I would say theory can be used as a guide by people to reach conclusions.

1.2 Purpose of Theory

How does your definition of theory compare to the literature?
In the American Journal of Nursing Ellis states theory as “a coherent hypothesis, or set of hypotheses, or a concept, forming a general framework for undertaking something. Theory means a conceptual structure built for purpose” (Ellis, 1969, p. 1434). I believe that my definition of theory can be compared to Ellis’s.
In my definition of theory I also form a “hypothesis” before taking a course of action. Both of our plans lead us to form a framework to help complete a theory. Furthermore, we both agree that theory is useful and purposeful when obtaining conclusions. In conclusion, the examples of similarities between the literature definition and my definition show that the two definitions are comparable.

Discuss the purpose and/or necessity for developing and using theory in nursing, based on the assigned readings.

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