Definition Of Multitasking

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When you think of multitasking what does it means to you. The definition for Multitasking is, handling more than one task at the same time by a single person. Think when you said that you are multitasking, are you really doing just that? Or are you doing multiple tasks with putting your attention on a little bit of everything at once? I really want you to think about Multitasking and what it consists of? Ask yourself when you are concentrating on multiple tasks do you give all or partial of them your attention all at the same time? Well in an article Called “Studies on Multitasking Highlight Value of Self-control” written by Sarah D. Sparks, talks about how she congregated new research about Multitasking.

In this article it talks about on
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Now students that multitask often miss information or don’t receive any information at all. They also were easily distracted and their memory performed poorly compared to a person that do one task at a …show more content…
The original test founded how children controlled their impulses. The children who controlled their impulse went on to further their education, started families, and had careers and not just a job. Now the children who did not control their impulse did not have the same results in fact it was just the opposite. Researchers also did a related study about, how do text massages affect students test scores when the students are testing? Now with reading how it interrupted readers you know students did not do well with a phone buzzing while test taking. In fact they had gotten a group of students together to look at a video and to be tested on at the end. During the video texts went out to some of the students and some did not go out at all. Students who received text messages on their devices received a grade lower than the students that did not receive any texts. The students that responded to the texts scored even lower than the students that just received

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